Ideas For Trendy Restaurant Uniforms

Whether you are a cute little café or a grandeur restaurant, your staff must wear uniforms. Uniforms can make that crucial first impression while also protecting them from hazards so they can work comfortably and efficiently. Here are the top five suggestions for trendy restaurant uniforms. Many companies provide restaurant uniforms in Dubai, UAE. Read on to know the trending styles for uniforms.

1. Combining textures

Restaurant staff uniforms should be composed of a sturdy material that protects them from workplace dangers like liquids and sharp objects while still being comfortable enough for them to operate in a warm climate. However, a growing number of eateries are starting to consider luxury fabrics as well.

The staff will feel comfortable in modern, light cotton shirts, but their textured aprons give them a more traditional touch. Change the polyester ties for silk or wool and the cotton aprons for denim, leather, or suede. Using a variety of textures in your uniform materials gives your staff’s appearance a more interesting dimension.

2. Fun accessories

Who says uniforms can’t be beautiful and enjoyable while also protecting your restaurant personnel from potential hazards? Your employees will likely begin to feel more upbeat while they work if they are dressed in a positive manner, which will show in the quality of their client service.

If you wish to wear a black uniform, think about accessorizing with colorful braces, aprons, caps, or ties. This gives your restaurant uniform and overall branding a little more individuality.

Many uniform suppliers provide restaurant uniforms in Dubai, UAE at an economical budget.

3. Think outside the box for a color combo

Colors can really make an impression and make a difference. Several establishments choose black attire because it goes with any color scheme. It also hides stains perfectly and customers rarely dress in all-black. This can add an excellent contrasting appeal to your staff.

Though these are good enough reasons to pick black, go and think outside the box and pick bright color combinations that will make your staff look unique. For instance, pick colors like green tea, eggplant, custard, merlot, etc. that will spruce up your uniforms. You can also pick a theme outfit that matches your restaurant’s décor.

4. Eye-catching logos

Your staff is the face of your business. Hence, uniforms are an excellent approach to increasing brand awareness. A straightforward yet quite powerful technique to guarantee that your crew and restaurant are consistently upholding your brand is to have your logo on the uniform. Anything that garners interest while enhancing your brand is a good shout.

Tip: Logos are usually visible on the backs of waitstaff shirts. Black, white, or navy must be the color of your logos. Pick the hotel uniform makers in Dubai that can give you the best of both worlds.

5. Choose slip-resistant shoes

Your team will spend a majority of their time walking around, cooking, and cleaning giving more pressure on their feet which can impact their energy and performance. Moreover, it should come as no surprise that some of the common occupational hazards include slips, trips and falls especially in a setting as hectic as a restaurant kitchen.

Investing in safety shoes with cushioned support, slip-resistant soles, and other features to keep your employees’ feet comfortable and safe will show how much you care for them and their wellbeing. Safety, accident prevention, increased staff morale and increased productivity are all perks of wearing appropriate footwear while working. Your employees will respect you if you respect your team.

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