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Your valet parking staff should always be dressed in elegant and welcoming attire, whether you own a hotel, a resort, a residential or business property. We provide a wide range of classic and contemporary designs that will make your valet parking employees stand out. Our uniforms are always built to order. You choose your base designs and then customise your outfits by selecting your own colour, fabric, trim, embroidery, and other options. The possibilities are limitless. We manufacture in all sizes and will never discontinue your patterns. Valet outfits should be distinguishable and offer guests confidence that they are committing their vehicle to the proper staff. An embroidered emblem is commonly used to highlight eye-catching outfits. Some have valet printed on their shirts, which are generally made of luminous material. Others use epaulettes, cargo pockets, gold buttons, and elaborate trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs to give them a martial, authoritative look. Then there's the ever-present polo shirt. It is readily embroidered and available in a variety of colours, providing a unified look throughout the front drive. Despite the changes in the uniforms, their effect on the front drive is quite identical. They bring organisation, professionalism, and consistency to the board.

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